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dental high speed turbine handpiece

dental high speed turbine handpiece

Description dental high speed turbine handpiece
The ME-TU high speed dental handpiece uses a push-button bur changing mode and single point water spraying that does not easily block water. It features an interior hygienic head, with users able to choose between 2 and 4 hole types. It is also equipped with an open dental cartridge that is commonly used in otherhandpieces with Japanese ceramic bearings. The handpiece was also designed with an anti-suction function.

Technical parameters
Working air pressure: 0.25(MPa)~0.3(MPa)
Rotational speed: 300(krpm)~350(krpm)
Torque: 0.4(N)~0.45(N)
Water flowrate: 90(min/ml)~110(min/ml)
Working water pressure: 0.2(MPa)~0.23(MPa)
Spraying pressure: 0.3(MPa)~0.35(MPa)
Noise: ≤65dB

Features of ME-TU dental handpiece

  1. A push-button bur changing mode is used to replace the gripping type mode, which makes bur mounting and detaching quicker and more convenient, saving time for the users.

  2. The use of an anti-suction system can prevent the suction of blood, virus and skin particles caused by negative pressure produced when handpiece stops operating, so that cross infection can be avoided. This can also better protect the dental cartridge to avoid the damage of foreign matter to bearing, largely improving the service life of handpiece.

  3. The ME-TU dental handpiece uses JINME's independently researched and developed auto-chuck push button spindle. A precise miniature spring is equipped inside the spindle and with the high speed rotating of handpiece, it exerts a pre-tightening force on the chuck to ensure the bur is tight and secure to the handpiece. (Patent number: CN203263556U)

  4. Users can choose 2-hole or 4-hole handpieces according to personal using habit or based on the joint types, thus offering more versatile options. The ME-SU dental handpiece can meet the requirements for connecting with other handpiece pipes on different dental comprehensive treatment machines

  • Name: dental high speed turbine handpiece
  • Pack: 1
  • Country: CHINA