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Syphilis Rapid Test Cassette    

A rapid test for the diagnosis of Syphilis to detect antibodies (IgG and IgM) to Treponema Pallidum (TP) qualitatively in whole blood.Serum or plasma. For professional in vitro diagnostic use only. 

SUMMARY of Syphilis Rapid Test Cassette    

Syphilis is a systemic disease caused by Treponema Pallidum. 1 The signs and symptoms of syphilis vary depending in which of the four stages it presents (primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary). 2 Treponema Pallidum (TP) is the causative agent of the venereal disease Syphilis. TP is a spirochete bacterium with an outer envelope and a cytoplasmic membrane.3 One study reported a substantial epidemiological correlation between the acquisition and transmission of the HIV virus and Syphilis.4 Multiple clinical stages and long periods of latent, asymptomatic infection are characteristic of Syphilis. Primary Syphilis is defined by the presence of a chancre at the site of inoculation. The antibodies response to the TP bacterium can be detected within 4 to 7 days after the chancre appears. The infection remains detectable until the patient receives adequate treatment. The Syphilis Rapid Test Cassette(Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) utilizes a double antigen combination of a Syphilis antigen coated particle and Syphilis antigen immobilized on membrane to detect TP antibodies (IgG and IgM) qualitatively and selectively in whole blood, serum or plasma.

Materials Provided

  1. 25Test cassette
  2. Droppers 
  3. Package iinsert
  4. buffer



  • Name: Syphilis
  • Brand: Right Sign
  • Speciman: serum \ plasma
  • Pack: 25 cassette\ test
  • Country: CHINA

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